Synergies with Green Energy


What are the dependencies between charging of electric vehicles and the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources? How to avoid negative grid impact? What are the technical tools for the optimal network management?

The objective of the Study 2 is to identify the potential for EV uptake, for promoting electricity generation from renewable sources for charging electric vehicles and improving the business case for grid management (stationary storage or virtual delivery). This study will also consider the contribution of electric vehicles in improving the energy mix in electricity production to a higher share of renewables.

The study will include the following sub-activities:

Sub-activity 2.1: Grid Impact

Grid management sub-activity will focus on how to manage best the energy consumption of electric vehicles and how to forecast the expected grid impact. Part of the investigation will be the comparison of technical and business solutions for the network development (load balancing on physical point vs. virtual electricity delivery). Further steps will evaluate the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of battery storage technologies compared to a higher grid connection (up to 300 kW), implications for network planning, and potential for reliance on renewable sources. Seasonal variations in demand for charging and energy consumption based on the summer season to the Adriatic will be taken into consideration.

Sub-activity 2.2: Green Energy

The focus of the sub-activity is on supporting renewable energy sources to over the electricity consumption growth in transport sector (due to electrification). Included is the evaluation of electric vehicles for local energy storage to balance the production from intermittent renewable energy sources and the consumption at individual sites. The potential of aggregating decentralized storage facilities will be questioned as well.