Market Acceleration and Business Model

What are the best examples from more advanced countries? What is the e-mobility market organization, what kind of roles are relevant and what are the most efficient political support tools for boosting the e-mobility? How to make e-mobility commercially successful in Cohesion countries?

Synergies with Green Energy

What are the dependencies between charging of electric vehicles and the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources? How to avoid negative grid impact? What are the technical tools for the optimal network management?

Network Planning and Site Finalization

How to plan the deployment of charging stations to meet driver’s expectations? How to scale the country-wide deployment and offer the most convenient access? What parameters should have a charging location, what is important for drivers and what is relevant in respect to the electricity supply?

Network Specifications and ICT Applications

How to make installed charging stations usable for electric vehicle drivers? How to design internal and external business processes? What includes the e-mobility service management? What is the role of ICT here?