Network Specifications and ICT Applications


How to make installed charging stations usable for electric vehicle drivers? How to design internal and external business processes? What includes the e-mobility service management? What is the role of ICT here?

The objective of the Study 4 is to cope with network component specification, quality assurance requirements and the design of internal processes of each project partner. This is accompanied with strong ICT responsible for the charging network management, easy access to chargers, various payment options and many more.

The study includes the following sub-activities:

Sub-activity 4.1: Business Processes and Service Offerings

Sub-activity includes the definition of required service offerings (reflecting customer needs, customer identification, verification and access to charging equipment, as well as all information, customer support, notifications, guidance and supplementary services). Additionally it structures business processes for the back-end management, maintenance, billing, usage monitoring and roaming across operators.

Sub-activity 4.2: Equipment and Utility Connections

Here the work will focus on specifications for charging equipment and ICT. Specifications will ensure full interoperability of the equipment and full compliance with EU standards and/or common practice, as well as scalability of solutions selected for a full network deployment. Integral part of the sub-activity will be deep testing and verification of the interoperability across multiple operators.

Sub-activity 4.3: Network Operations and ICT

Strong focus is given on the supporting ICT architecture. Performance of current ICT solutions will be assessed, gaps identified and further IT scalability assured. New functionalities are expected in areas like the charge point operation/management, customer account management including roaming and the energy management.