Network Planning and Site Finalization


How to plan the deployment of charging stations to meet driver’s expectations? How to scale the country-wide deployment and offer the most convenient access? What parameters should have a charging spot, what is important for drivers and what is relevant in respect to the electricity supply?

The objective of the Study 3 is to plan a continuous and extensive network covering TEN-T core network corridors, which introduces the driving of electric vehicles as a realistic option for consumers. Important here are seamless links to neighbouring countries, so that the driving of the electric vehicle does not stop at borders.

The study includes the following sub-activities:

Sub-activity 3.1: Network Locations

The scope here is to optimize the set of locations for the pilot deployment within the project, with the focus on:

  • Seasonal issues, particularly in Croatia with traffic driving into the country from other European countries for summer vacation and the need to accommodate this cross-border traffic
  • Inter-modal locations (air, bus, rail), considering elements unique to Cohesion countries.
  • Cross-border connections to Slovenia and Austria as gateways to other electrified regions, as well as neighbouring Cohesion countries for future extensions.

Sub-activity 3.2: Full Network Design

Based on the experience and findings of the pilot site selection and finalization, project partners will conduct a network planning for a full network. The goal here is to maximize the utilization of the network and granting the convenience access for electric vehicle drivers. The full network planning will include full coverage of the core network corridors, comprehensive corridors, additional intermodal, P&R and urban nodes.