Market Acceleration and Business Model


What are the best examples from more advanced countries? What is the e-mobility market organization, what kind of roles are relevant and what are the most efficient political support tools for boosting the e-mobility? How to make e-mobility commercially successful in Cohesion countries?

The objective of the Activity 1 is to apply a “glocal” principle – to combine the local e-mobility business development and policy framework in Cohesion countries with the building of a global European e-mobility network. The mutual full compatibility and implemented open standards are preconditions for commercial success of e-mobility on all markets. In Cohesion countries it is necessary to adapt European frameworks to local conditions, reflecting socio-economic differences, customer segmentation, business opportunities, different maturity of the transport infrastructure and energy mix for the electricity production.

Following sub-activities focus on individual topics:

Sub-activity 1.1: EU Market Review and Best Practice

The sub-activity will identify innovative solutions in leading e-mobility markets, which will serve as the basis for subsequent analysis of unique cohesion market characteristics. This includes mapping the range of vehicles available and their consumer segment, charging technologies, business practices and network management including ICT (Information Communication Technology), customer services and the use of electric vehicles for goods and logistics. Closer look will be given on standards, universal access principles and common practice for charging stations deployment, network operations and connected e-mobility services.

Sub-activity 1.2: Localization of EU Best Practice

The 1.2 sub-activity will study current and potential customers in the regions of the Action, with perspective of localizing how charging infrastructure, ICT and consumer services are applied to reflect regional needs. The focus will be on the assessment of inter-modality options (including P+R, rail and fly-drive options). Identified commercial use cases will be tested and evaluated (logistics services, e-taxis, e-car-sharing), enriched with innovative payment schemes.

Sub-activity 1.3: Green Transport Policy in Cohesion Countries

The sub-activity 1.3 will distil from the first two sub-activities the implications for policy mechanisms, customer targeting and industry orientation. Three levels of the policy will be addressed – the EU, state and local level. There is an imperative to increase policy actions for decarbonizing transport within the context of current growth priorities for transport investments in Cohesion countries.