Frequently asked questions

What is EAST E?

The EAST E action is part of a global project aiming at the electrification of roads in Cohesion countries by providing a continuous open network of fast chargers and thus to create conditions for EV sales. Widespread fast-charging infrastructure including inter-modality locations is a key element for effective and sustainable modal choices. The project is aimed at installation of 62 charging points in total at publicly accessible sites.

Who is part of EAST E?

The project is developed by an international consortium of strong players in European energy sector and transport services. Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., the major electricity provider in Slovakia serving nearly 1 million households made already part in other e-mobility actions (VIBRATe, fast-E) that successfully led to charging infrastructure installation and pilot usage. E.ON Česká republika and HEP are operating the energy markets in the Czech Republic and Croatia respectively. The transport services experience and know-how is guaranteed by Go4, one of the major courier services company in Slovakia.

Where will the chargers be located?

The charging infrastructure of 62 chargers will be deployed along the core network corridors across Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Croatia. Precisely, the chargers will be installed in publicly accessible and most frequently visited spots such as airports, railway stations, motorways surroundings as well as commercial sites.

Which vehicles can use the multi-standard chargers?

The multi-standard chargers are equipped with three types of plugs: CHAdeMO with 50 kW, Combined Charging System (CCS) with 50 kW and Type2 / mode3 with 43 kW power. Thus, all standardized electric vehicles can be served by this type of multi-standard charger.

Can more than one vehicle charge at the same time?

Sure! The multi-standard chargers can serve two (2) vehicles at the same time.