The East E action is part of a global project aiming at the electrification of roads in cohesion countries by providing a continuous open network of fast chargers and thus to create conditions for EV sales. Widespread fast-charging infrastructure including inter-modality locations is a key element for effective and sustainable modal choices.

A study with pilot network deployment is implemented in Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic along four core network corridors (Orient East Med, Baltic – Adriatic, Rhine – Danube, Mediterranean), including multimodal points such as airports and train stations allowing collection of data on passenger and logistic services to feed a study for larger roll-out at EU level.

Project goals

  1. To decrease the dependency on fossil fuels and to mitigate negative effects of these fuels on environment.
  2. To accelerate the market to increase a demand for electric vehicles and use of infrastructure.
  3. To elaborate policy and best practices in infrastructure deployment.
  4. To develop continuously the consistent charging infrastructure.

Charging stations

The action foresees the deployment of 62 fast-charging supply points along TEN-T corridors as follows:
57 multi-standard fast chargers: 27 in Croatia, 15 in Slovakia, 15 in the Czech Republic and 5 AC high power
chargers at intermodal locations in Slovakia.



Czech Republic