Electricity supply for EVs

The Action is part of a Global Project aiming at the electrification of roads in cohesion countries by providing a continuous open network of fast chargers to provide the conditions for EV sales and for consumer choice, with widespread deployments on inter-modality locations to enable effective and sustainable modal choices.

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Deployment locations

A study with pilot network deployment are implemented in Croatia, Slovakia and Czech Republic along four core network corridors (Orient East Med, Baltic – Adriatic, Rhine – Danube, Mediterranean), including multimodal points such as airports and train stations allowing collection of data on passenger and logistic services to feed a study for larger roll-out at EU level.

Multi-standard charging stations

With the multi-standard charging stations the average charging time is between 20 – 40 minutes – depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle in question.


50 kW DC


50 kW DC

Type 2/mode 3

43 kW AC


Parallel to the deployment of the charging infrastructure, there
are 4 studies focusing on the deeper investigation of various e-mobility
aspects. The combination of studies and pilot deployment will address
the most hindering aspects of the e-mobility acceleration, based on
experience and extensive research.

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Pilot deployment

The Action foresees the deployment of 62 charging supply points along
TEN-T Core Network Corridors: 57 multi-standard 50 kW fast chargers
(27 in Croatia, 15 in Slovakia, and 15 in the Czech Republic), of which
13 at intermodal locations and 5 AC (Alternate Current) 22 kW high
power chargers in Slovakia.



Czech Republic